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John's Kindergarten Class 2007-2008 Fund Raiser - 38 1/2 " x 59"
Each child drew a self portrait and "signed" with special crayons for use on fabric.  This quilt was sold via a Silent Auction at a school wide fund raising event.  My younger daughter and I made this quilt together.

Rose's 4th Grade Class 2008-2009 Fund Raiser - 50" x 60"
Each child painted a "not so pretty portrait" with acrylic paints. The children were limited to either warm colors (red and yellow) or cool colors (blue and green). Other limitations, such as having eyes be different from each other were part of the instructions. This method was inspired by Mexican artist, Vladimir Cora. Each child's art work was then scanned and printed onto fabric.

John's 1st Grade Class Fund Raiser- 52" x 62"
Crayons, specific for transfer to fabric, were used by children to create their drawings of “Beach Scenes”. These drawings were transferred to the background fabric, as were the child artists' names. Another daughter and Mom project for the school Silent Auction Fund raising event.

Pinwheels - 95" x 95"
In 2008 I donated this quilt and it was purchased at the Fund Raising Banquet and Auction for our local Chiloquin Community Center

St. Catherine's Academy
St. Catherine's Academy Fundraiser - 52" x 76"

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